November 8 - Family First Night 2017
November 8 - Family First Night 2017
Ted A. Lysiak
Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dear James A. Garfield Families,

On Wednesday, November 8, 2017 we will celebrate something very dear to us…our families. Our second “Family First Night” will be held in our community.  Throughout the school year our lives become extremely hectic, which often causes us to sacrifice our family time in order to accomplish everything in our busy schedules.

We all know strong families make the Garfield community, schools and, most importantly, our students more successful.  For this reason we want to set aside the time to honor our families.  Please join us in celebrating the family by taking time to clear your schedules and spend an evening together as a family. We have instructed our staff to take advantage of this time and gather with their family as well.

To help, there will be no homework given on this evening, no projects or tests due the next day and our coaches will cancel practices, unless they are competing in state tournaments. There will be no evening activities at the school on November 8th.  We also ask that our local youth organizations join us and cancel their activities this evening.

Plan to eat dinner together, play a board game or take a walk as a family. Family is something to be treasured and celebrated.

Take advantage of this evening and celebrate your family.

Go G-Men