JAG Back to Face to Face Learning
JAG Back to Face to Face Learning
Ted Lysiak
Thursday, October 01, 2020

Over the last two weeks we have been learning in a hybrid model.  While we are happy to have this tool in our toolbox, and it has some advantages, we know having our students here with us five days a week is best.  Today, I am happy to announce that after consultation with the Portage County Health Department we will be back to learning five days a week, face to face beginning on Monday, October 5th.

I did want to share some observations from our last two weeks. First, we were able to keep our students more distanced during the hybrid, and teachers were able to give students very individualized attention when they were with us.  Second, our kids worked very hard at home on the work they were assigned, and for that we are very proud of them. Finally, our parents and caregivers were amazing during these two weeks. As a parent of two kids myself, I know that having your children at home learning requires additional attention and effort, and for some it requires additional childcare.  On behalf of our entire staff, I want to thank all families for being flexible and doing your best to make the last two weeks work.  Thank you. Your extra efforts and continued support did not go unnoticed.

Finally, we continue to have weekly discussions with the Portage County Health Department and monitor local data to determine any potential risk. We are pleased to see that during our two weeks in hybrid, the increase in cases did not reach our community. Our community numbers remain extremely low, which is why we will be returning to face to face learning on Monday.

As we transition to the second month of the 2020 school year I can’t underscore the pride I feel in our buildings and community. We have said numerous times that we are at war with an invisible enemy when it comes to COVID. While this may be a difficult and uncertain battle we are fighting, we are winning. We are winning because our staff are relentless in keeping our buildings clean, safe and staffed.  We are winning because our kids are masking up, backing up and washing up.  We are winning because our families are conducting their daily screenings and keeping sick kids home.  Most importantly, we are winning because we are doing this together.  

In closing, as we return next week, remember that the rules have not changed.  We all need to Mask up, back up and wash up if we want to stay in school.

We are all looking forward to seeing everyone return next Monday.  Have a great weekend, and Go G-Men!