National Beta Club Inducts 35 New Members
National Beta Club Inducts 35 New Members
Ted Lysiak
Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The Garfield Middle School Chapter of National Beta Club held their 15th annual induction ceremony last week.  The 17 current members assisted club director and Middle School art teacher, Mrs. Gilmer, conduct the ceremony.  This year Garfield Middle School inducted 12 eighth graders and 23 seventh graders.  Our Middle School Volunteer Parents (MVP’s) provided refreshments for the parents and members after the event.  Current members spoke of the keys of achievement, leadership, service and character. The evening was capped off with Middle School teacher Mrs. Bethany Maresh receiving the Key Teacher award.

The founder, Dr. John Harris established the National Beta Club over 80 years ago, to honor students for their academic accomplishments. The National Beta Club also believes it is as equally important for young adults to develop traits of good character, and be willing to serve and assist others by giving back to their school and community.

The club's goals are to encourage effort, reward merit, and promote those qualities of character that make for a good citizen. With more than 450,000 active members and more than 8,750 clubs both nationally and internationally, the National Beta Club has become the nation's largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization. This organization selects students who have established a 3.8 grade point average (GPA) or higher with no grades lower than a B-.
Eligibility for Beta Club is based on grades for the first two nine week grading periods plus completion of service hours to their school and community.

Current members of Beta Club are Sophie Cihan, Ethan Cmunt, Alexis Conkol, Alyssa Conkol, Isabella Folio, Ketley Fresch, Caitlin Lutz, Alice Marderwald, Alison McHenry, Annabelle Moore, Molly Ohlrich, Cameron Reighard, Alivia Selander, Jenna Smith, Cass Swenson, Keeley Varner and Sophia Walz.

New eighth graders inducted are Alex Ataman, Emilea DiGrino, Morgan Eskridge, Carter Frato-Sweeney, Cody Justice, Emma Lunardi, Caydence McGranahan, Jordan Perme, Sarah Seaman, Sydney Seaman, Grace Spreitzer and Emma Thornton.

New seventh graders inducted are Hunter Andel, Emma Bass, Isabella Caldro, Kristopher Carson, Abby Collopy, Cameron Edwards, Daniel Ensinger, Anna Fashing, Maggie Fogel, Vincent Grandizio, Taylor Hrabak, Haley Ihrig, Max May, Molly Morrissey, Jack Rado, Cheyenne Recklaw, Megan Schaefer, Maggie Shafer, Madeline Shirkey, Jackson Sommer, Aubrey Stonestreet, Madelyn Stonestreet and Hannah Warren.