Mrs. Maresh
Mrs. Maresh
Jen Mulhern
Friday, May 25, 2018

Pictured above, Mrs. Maresh talks to students about the career path to a Middle School teacher.

The 8th grade students participated in Career Day on Friday, May 25th.  Speakers included Matt Sorrick, Bioligist, David Schaefer, Electrical Engineer, Chief Fress, Garrettsville Fire Department, David Makin, Auto Mechanic, Chris Crawley, elementary teacher, Officer Keith Whan and K9, Rachelle Yarnell, Cosmetologist, Chris Forgacs, carpenter,  Bethany Maresh, Middle School teacher, Mrs. Ridenbaugh, nurse midwife, Britt Palmer, welder, Shannon Gallagher, marketing, Dr. Bittence, family physician, Vicky Mastrolanni, dental lab technician, Kristen Carmen, counseling, Tim Splinter, mechanical engineer, Susie Forgacs, nursing, David Wallck, computer engineer, Edie Brenner, physical therapy, Matthew Kadish, lawyer, Joel Music, US Army, Ryan Buckles, culinary, Theresa Heibel, veterinarian, Donna Reedy, human resources, Jen Cressman, restaurant management, Taylor Ball, personal trainer, Scotchman Electric, electrician, and Scott Cooper, information technology.

Speakers talked to students about the educational pathways and answered questions about the various career fields.