Any individual who wants to obtain or inspect a copy of a public record may request to have the record duplicated on paper, on the same medium on which the record is kept or on any other medium that the Superintendent/designee determines reasonable.

If the request is ambiguous or overly broad, the District informs the requester of the manner in which records are maintained and accessed in the ordinary course of business and allows the requester to revise the request.

All records responsive to the request are made available in a reasonable period of time.

The District makes the requester aware of any information that is exempt from disclosure requirements by notifying the requester of any redacted information or by making redactions in a plainly visible manner. If a public records request is denied, the District provides an explanation with legal authority for the denial of the request. This explanation is provided in writing if the request is made in writing or if the Superintendent/designee determines written explanation is necessary. A fee may be charged for copies and/or delivery.

The District may require the fee charged for copies and/or delivery be paid in advance.

How to request public records from the James A Garfield Local School District

Public record requests can be submitted to the publicrecordsrequest@jagschools.org email address.

Record requests can also be made in person at the James A Garfield Board of Education, 10235 State Route 88, Garrettsville, OH 44231 or via fax at 330.527.5941

Records Custodian

Tracy Knauer, Treasurer, 10235 ST RT 88, Garrettsville, OH 44231

tknauer@jagschools.org      phone: 330.527.4336 ext. 602

District Record Retention Policy

District Policy Summary and Request Form

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