Consistent with CDC, ODH and PCHD guidance, masks will be strongly recommended, but not required, except on school buses where Federal Law requires riders of public transportation, including school buses, to be masked.

We also plan to provide the following layers as prescribed by ODH and CDC as precautions for our students and staff:

  • Social Distancing of 3 feet when possible

  • Introduce good ventilation whenever possible (including buses)

  • Regular cleaning and disinfection

  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing

  • Recommending that those who are ill stay home

At this time, these protocols meet the health requirements. As we have done over the past 18 months, should requirements change we will evaluate our procedures and communicate them with you in a timely manner.

As we begin the year, our buildings will be open as they were before the pandemic.  Groups wishing to utilize our buildings should complete a building use permit.

We also look forward to having volunteers back in our buildings and fans in our stands cheering on our students as we begin what promises to be an excellent year at James A. Garfield.  

Over the past few weeks I have spoken with many families who are excited about our return to school.  I have also spoken to some who are a little apprehensive about their children returning to in-person learning.  What I can share with both is the same message.  Our staff is dedicated. They were hired to work here at JAG because they care deeply for your children and have their best interest in mind.  That starts with their safety. Last year we navigated a very uncertain path and did it successfully because our families, staff and our community worked together.  

I expect this year to be no different.  It’s simply how we get things done here at Garfield…...together.  It is something that makes us not only unique, but successful.  

I encourage you to visit our website,, to review information on the start of school, supply lists and important dates. 

In closing, I wish you all a restful and relaxing end to your summer break. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.  Have a great day, and Go G-Men!